Friday, 19 August 2011

Mid August Update

The DCB had to take a back seat throughout July as Dave and Chris were otherwise engaged with Australian singer/songwriter Nicki Gillis. This was her 3rd UK tour and we had a great time as she wowed the audiences across the UK.

The DCB were able to play two shows during July. The first was a charity show in Corby in aid of Help for Heroes. The less said about it the better. Rubbish sound and a soundman who was incapable of putting it right. 1. Turn the bloody thing down. 2. Take your headphones off and listen to the sound out front instead of hiding out the back. 3. When I say turn my guitar up I do not mean turn Vince's guitar up. 4. Turn the PA down. 5. Turn the PA down. 6. TURN THE BLOODY PA DOWN!!!!!

A week or so later Nicki was playing in Corby and the DCB were able to play a short set to open her show. Nicki has been using my PA this tour and it is excellent. The DCB were able to set their sound exactly and boy did we sound great (even if I do say so myself)

When the Nicki tour ended I was ill. Really ill. To cut a long story short I had two stays in hospital and they took out my appendix. I have more tests coming up in a week or so's time. I've lost about a stone and a half (20lbs).

We have a show in a week or so's time and I should be good for that. I'm looking forward to making some more great music with the DCB