Sunday, 22 January 2012

Back on the road again (ish)

Following our successful pub debut at the Wayfarers back in November, work and other band commitments kept us off the road throughout December. But we've kept busy.

Three of the band members (Dave, Chris and Vince) played a set at last year's Whitby Gospel Music Convention and we went down a storm. We were repeatedly asked afterwards if we had a CD of our music and we had to say no. Well, we've been invited back again in 2012, so I spent some time over the Christmas break in the studio recording tracks for what we hope will be three albums in 2012.

The first CD will be the Gospel Album by Dave Clemo & Friends. Although not strictly a DCB album, it features all the members of the band plus a couple of special friends on some of the tracks. As I write this, we've completed the recording of 14 tracks and will begin final mixing in the next day or two.

This weekend I started work on our first "official" DCB album. This has the working title of "Other People's Greatest Hits", and yes, it features versions of songs by other artists. If you've seen us live, you'll know what to expect.
Once that's out of the way, I want to record an album of original songs, plus some traditional tunes and more folk style songs. We have a working title and all will be revealed....

Last night we played out first full length show since November. We played a short 30 minute set at the Shed in Leicester at the end of December that went down well, but not as well as last night's show at the Dukes Arms in Woodford. I love this pub. I love the people, the atmosphere. It was our friend Stevie Poole's 60th surprise birthday party, and the place was packed with family and friends.

It was a long night. We arrived at the pub at 6.00 and began setting up. The pub was filling up by 7.00 and we played our first set at 8.00 (rather than the 9.00 as I'd anticipated). We had a break while food was served. It was a Burns Night supper, so Haggis, Neeps and Tatties was on the menu. I declined.
The second set had everyone dancing and singing along. We didn't finish loading out until way past midnight and the party was still in full swing.

I don't drink these days, but was stopped by the Police and breathalised on the way home (a first for me). Apparently my van crossed the white line on the side of the road. They let me continue my journey and I tumbled into bed at about 1.30.

It was a good night.