Friday, 20 July 2012

Summertime blues

It's a quiet time for the DCB. Last year it was my turn to be unavailable when I had a month on tour with Nicki Gillis, followed by several weeks in hospital and on the sick. This year it's my turn to sit and kick my heels as the other guys have had their own projects on the go. Still it's not all bad. I've been using the time in the studio working on a couple of album projects which will become the DCB's next two albums! And that's not all. I have a load of songs for an album of original songs which may or may not have a Cornish theme. I'm still working that through. I've also recorded a duet with Nicki Gillis! And I've dusted off an old live recording of my old band from the 1970s- Left Hand Drive. That CD is available to special order only. So although the band has been quiet recently we're still working away behind the scenes and will be back out playing again in August

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