Monday, 19 November 2012

Two weeks to go

We finished recording the tracks for our album "Other People's Greatest Hits" back in June. Since then I've been editing and mixing the thirteen tracks and refining the sleeve design, etc. We set a number of deadlines along the way, and it has always seemed that we were two weeks away from completing the project. Well, it's now mid November and I can say with confidence that we are about two weeks away from completion. Still two weeks away....? Every time I achieved a mix that I was satisfied with we took it and played it on various players around and about and there was something wrong. Too bassy, not bassy enough, too muddy, too toppy.... Eventually we decided that the only way forward was to look at the studio itself and we have stripped it out and rebuilt it with the control desk at the other end of the studio. We're looked at every aspect of the layout and I can at last say that the mixes are much better. So much so, that I think we're about two weeks away from completion! Seriously, the tracks sound really good.

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